3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Haul

9/16/2013Sew Stylish Rhea

Hello Fashionista's!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a nice and eventful one for sure! Yesterday, September 15 was the release of Phillip Lim's collection with Target. I've been a huge fan with fashion deisgner's collaborations with budget-friendly stores especially with Target.  I've purchased previsouly from other designer's that collaborated with Target like Missoni, Jason Wu and the Neiman Marcus for Target where a selective of major Fashion designer's contributed something. I've been waiting for the Phillip Lim collab to happen, ever since I found out about it during this Summer in June. I've always liked his bag series especially the Pashli style bags but I wasn't into the price tag. The doppleganger satchel that was a part of this collection with Target was my number one goal to get.

I woke up at 6 A.M. to line up because the bag's were definitely most of the women's goals to get as well. I didn't bother to try to shop online since it tends to crash on me and I can't wait for fashionable things in the mail. I also had a Target close to me so I wanted to go out and see everything in person. It was a bit overwhelming since there were a lot of people. I really didn't expect it to be this huge because when I bought stuff for the other fashion designer collaborations my shopping experience were real relaxing and calm. Everyone was able to get what they wanted and no one was pointing fingers saying who cut the line or complaining how "such and such" is unfair. This is what I expereinced for Phillip Lim's anticipated collection with Target yesterday.

This was taken in the store where people were lining up again for the bags since they were all gone once we entered the store. The Target staff had another cart to replenish but couldn't make it to the section where they were suppose to be displayed since customers were impatient. They had to set a system up by letting the customers line up and grab only one bag. Crazy and scary since people were off there heads about it.

Anyway I was able to get the things I wanted from Phillip Lim's collection which was the mini Pashli doppleganger in black and the yellow mustard, leopard print sweater. Only two things since I had a budget and didn't think having the other items were neccesary and I usaually always get one or two things from designer collabs. I will admit when I entered the store the bag was gone off the racks and their were no other bags in sight. I asked one of the Target employee's if they were bringing out more bags and he said yes but he didn't know when. I was looking around hoping to see someone would want to give up a bag and I was so lucky to see three ladies with two carts filled with the mini satchel I was aiming to get. The two carts they had, one cart were definitely buying and the other cart was not planning to get. They had two of the mini satchel's in black and I was the lucky one to get it from them. I was surely excited and relieved. My mission was accomplished :)

What I Wore:
Top//3.1 Phillip Lim for Target, Jeans// NYC Boutique, Shoes//JustFab.com, Bag//3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

The morning I bought the pieces from the Phillip Lim for target collection, I just had to wear it right away. I wore jeans and my super comfy sneaker wedges from JustFab, with my top since I was out in the city meeting some friends, and exploring Little Italy for San Genarro festival then dinner in China town at my favorite noodle spot. It was really fun and since the night gets a bit chilly now my sweater was perfect and kept me warm.

The bag is a perfect size for me since I am petite already, I also like to carry less since my hands are usually full with my kids toys and diaper bag. 

So cute and mini and it can actually hold a lot of my stuff.
What's in my Bag:

Cream, Milani Lip stick in Naturally Chic, Maybelline clear mascara, maybelline lip moisturizer, cell phone, mini flashlight (usually attached to my pepper spray) card holder with my license, credit cards and business cards, house and car keys and pouch with personal girly things inside ;)

Fashionably yours,

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