Sew Fashion: Lace skirt


Denim Jacket: H&M (old) // similar here
Skirt: A Little Bit of Chic by Rhea email me if your interested!
Shoes: Charlotte Russe // exact ones here
Glasses: Roberto Cavalli prescription
Earrings & Bracelet: c/o Aldo 
Ring: Tiffany & Co. // exact one here
Lipstick: Milani Color Statement in "Rose Amour" // here
Nail Polish: Revlon "Lustrous Lilac" and Essie "Lilacism" // here

Hi Fashionista's,

First off, "Sew Fashion" is a new blog series I am adding which will be about my sewing pieces and how I style them, I'm going to try to post them on Friday's since it will give me enough time to make and edit them. I made this pink lace skirt that also has a bandeau skirt underneath the lace (which are sewn together). I made the length of the lace a bit longer from the bandeau skirt to show some skin under the lace. I was inspired to make this skirt from KT's blog from KTRstyle who is one of my favorite fashion bloggers (she is also a fashion designer and has amazing pieces, you must check her out). She had a look that was just simply adorable and my kind of style, that I wanted to make the skirt right away. I've been loving lace and it always makes me feel sexy but in a playful way where it's appropriate to wear any day or night. Since it's spring time, I've been bringing out my light jackets like my denim jacket which is from H&M. I've had this for awhile and love the structure of it with the zippers and pockets. I thought lace and denim would be a fun match to wear since I like how the color's look together. With my neutral sandals it matches the tone of the zippers and just completes my look since the details always matter to me.

I brought out the big hoops from Aldo, since I remember back during my high school days I loved rocking hoop earrings. I also thought it went well with my look since I was trying to do a urban-flirty look, if that makes sense. I also wore a bracelet from Aldo but I think it's an anklet, or it probably can be worn both ways but I wore it as a bracelet and put the dangled chain around my finger for a edgy and fun look. I've been seeing these kind of bracelets a lot, and wanted to try it out on myself. I like it but I would definitely wear this out on a date with the hubby or grabbing drinks with my girlfriends. I wouldn't wear it around my kids since my son would tug at it and try to pull it off of me. It's definitely a piece for show and not to do dishes with. I will also try to wear it around my ankle and see how that goes too but I will share that on another post.

I'm really loving the cut-out trend in shoes for this spring, it has a nice edge to it that adds more details to any look I create. It's different yet fun and, I'm so glad I picked the neutral color over the black ones, since I can definitely style them in many ways. I've also been wanting neutral color shoes since they look great against my skin tone. I got these shoes from Charlotte Russe, I always shop online for there shoes since they have awesome deals. When I purchased these they had a promotion where all shoes were $10-$20 and I ended up getting these babies, and a pair of red ones I've been wanting, I paid $40 and since it was my first purchase online I didn't have to pay for shipping. That's an awesome bargain buy! since Charlotte Russe shoes never disappoints me with the style and selections they offer. I also really like how they carry size 5.5 since I have tiny feet so I know I can always count on them for awesome shoes for any occasion.

I also want to share that it's my son's 3rd Birthday today and my brother's death anniversary. I used to always feel so down when this day came but ever since I had my son, I like to think of it as a way that my brother and my son have a connection to this day. I know he (my brother) would want me to be happy and to always remember the times we spent together which I always do. The birth of my son carries over the sadness I had on this certain day and even though a tragedy happen to my family, I always remember my brother more and the happy times we had together. I miss him and always wish we had more time but life just isn't fair at times and one day I will see him again. Rest in Peace Kuya and I love you always.

To my son Jayden Ryan, Happy 3rd birthday to my big boy. Your full of energy and always make me smile, mommy and daddy are so proud of you. The milestones you've accomplished just shocks me each day on how fast your growing and wish you can stay a toddler forever. Your my everything and bundle of joy! I love you very much.

Thank you for reading and have a happy Friday/weekend.

Fashionably Yours,

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