Sew Friday: Floral Matching Sets


Hi Fashionista's,

I'm all about floral prints and matching sets for this spring and summer seasons. It's the perfect pieces to wear together or in various ways, like I can just wear the floral top with a different bottom, or the floral skirt and a different top. I chose to wear them together since I wanted to share that I designed these. I haven't worn it together to any events yet except for here (which doesn't count) The weather in New York has been really tricky lately!

I am in love with this print and the colors since it screams spring to me. You can never go wrong with a floral print. You do have to be careful when wearing a floral print though since the size of the flowers do matter with your body. For example make sure the size of the flowers on the print aren't bigger than your fist. If it's bigger then it will show the wrong kind of attention to areas in your body that you don't want to stand out. I'm petite and have no curves but the floral print makes my body look fuller. The floral top is cropped and boxy which is good for my body shape, then the skirt is a circle high waist which hides my mommy belly. It's also the right length and flowy which is how I like to wear my skirts.

Earrings: Aldo similar here
Shoes: Shoe Dazzle "Carlotta" similar here
Watch: Michael Kors // exact one here
Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. // here

Photo's by Julian from Guyanesesista

I won her giveaway which was a photo shoot session with her. I picked the location to shoot and picked my childhood neighborhood where I used to hideaway during my teenage years. It's located on the East End on 86th Street on the upper east side. I loved going here by myself and with my friends since it was like my own personal garden and park. The statue behind me is Peter Pan and this area was my go-to place just to be free and enjoy the nature around it. I have a lot of great memories here so I was glad to come back and see this statue still here. Whenever I am around 86th street I always try to come here to make sure Peter Pan is still there. This area is so beautiful and meaningful to me. Thank you so much Julian for the great shots, I had fun shooting with you!

Happy Friday Fashionista's! Don't forget it's Mother's day I can't wait to show you my gift's to my mommy and mother-in-law. I did a fun and super easy project with my kids which I will share tomorrow as a last minute gift idea's project for Mother's Day. Safe weekend!

Fashionably Your's,

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