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Hi Fashionista's,

I've been slacking on my blog lately, a lot of wonderful things have been going on with me and I've been taking advantage of this beautiful weather we've been having in New York. I've also been going away to Pennsylvania on the weekends since we recently got our house built and just recently celebrated our house blessing. I am so grateful and happy with everything that's been happening in my life, and I thank God each day for the many blessings he has given to me and my family. 

I wanted to catch up on my posts since I'm having a bit of down time and wanted to give you a full re-cap of my Memorial day weekend. I started it off staying in New York since I had BeautyCon to attend which was my first time to go. I've been looking forward to it for a couple months before since I've been trying to push myself to try to attend all fashion or beauty related conferences. I'm building up on my networks and hanging out with my blogger babes which is always fun! I also loved meeting Fashion and Beauty influencer's in the YouTube community.
Since this was my first time attending BeautyCon, I was really looking forward to meeting other fashion brands and learning about new brands as well. I was excited to see Boo Hoo there and even got to see and feel the clothes that were displayed. I was hoping to buy a dress that I really liked but it was only for display to the attendee's. I got to chat with one of the PR girls and get some goodies from the vending machine.


Elle Magazine editor's were their too to answer questions and to let the attendee's know how it's like working at the Beauty department at Elle. 

Style Haul had a booth where they had meet and greets going on and were handing out lip sticks by Maybelline for a tweet on Twitter.

I really like attending panels since influencer's get talk to us about how they made it to the top or reached their goals. They give great advice and a lot of words of wisdom, that just keeps me driven to follow my passions and never give up. The one panel I really sat through and enjoyed was "Diva: The Female Version of a Hustler." One of my favorite fashion blogger's was on the panel, Wendy Nguyen from Wendy's Look Book. It was all motivating and inspiring to hear everyone's perspective on being a "Diva."

Fashion Beauties: Evelina from Evelinicutza on YouTube, Carli from Carli Bybel, Wendy from Wendy's LookBook, Yessenia from Beauty Beyond Fashion,  and Kelly from Island Chic77

Blogger Babes! Josephina from Josephina Collection, Adri from Adri's World, and Jia from Catwalk Chic

The Goodies 
Excited to try these products out. Mascara and bronzer are my go-to make up products so I will definitely review my thoughts on them on another post.

Thank you for reading and stay tune for more posts.

Fashionably Yours,

P.S. My outfit was designed and made by me and I will share that on later post so stay tune!

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