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Hi Fashionista's,

Today I am sharing my handbags, which are always an essential accessory to my wardrobe. I'll also show you what's typically in my bags. It all depends on where I am going but I can never leave the house without it. I have a collection ranging in different sizes and different price ranges.  My husband likes to call me "bag lady," since I seriously have a bag for everything and myself, for the kids and then each kid will have their own bags too. Of course I always end up holding all of them since I am super mom, but I am only going to share with you the bags I occasionally use, and the type of bags I use for my daily activities. 

My Bag's I am currently using:
These bags are new and old and are in constant rotation. I like luxury bags since the hardware is everlasting. I also find them timeless, my daughter can use them when I pass it down to her and hopefully she will pass it down to her daughter too in the far future. 

The Blogger/Designer Bag:
Gucci Tote Bag // similar here or here

When I am off to Starbuck's, the library or just want to get out of the house mode to work on my blog or just sketch. I like to use a tote bag that fits everything I use when I do work.  I also like the tote's that are various sizes but I think the one I am sharing on here is considered small, but it fits my laptop perfectly. I usually bring the essentials which is my laptop, (with charger in the bag) A magazine for inspiration, my sketch book, a current book read like right now 50 Shades of Gray: Freed, business cards, mini wallet with all my credit cards, ID's and cash, car keys, house keys, snacks, make up purse which is stocked up with personal hygiene care, lip balm, lipstick, compact mirror, blush, and hand sanitizer, also my phone which I forgot to capture in the image it was charging as I was doing this photo shoot but you get the idea.

The Make Up Bag:
Vera Bradley // alternative here or here
This small bag by Vera Bradley, comes with me everywhere and anywhere, since it's my kit for beauty and girly needs if you know what I mean. I have a lot of stuff in here and it's easy to carry along when I am on the go. I sometimes just carry it as a clutch if I am running to the corner to the pharmacy. It's very useful for me and convenient. 

 The Everyday Bag:
3.1 Phillip Lim by Target // Here

This mini satchel has been my most favorite bag out of all my bags for awhile now. It's my go-to bag for everyday, when I drop the kids off to school and even to run errands with. I like to use it too during date nights, or hanging out in the city. I can hold it in my hand or make it a cross body bag. This bag literally fits a lot of my stuff and it amazes me what I can put in it at times. For everyday though I just have a make up bag with my girly essentials from hygiene to make up, house and car keys, cell phone, wallet, compact mirrors and I'm good to go. 

The "Date Night/Fashion Event" Bag:
My Louis Vuitton Speedy bag is my favorite bag to use when I am going out on a date with the husband or when I attend fashion events. The Damier Azure bag has been my dream bag ever since my college friend got herself one. I love the color and the style, I especially love how roomy it is, and I can fit a lot of stuff in this bag too. It's like my black mini satchel but this one can definitely hold more, and can even be an over night bag for me, if I were crashing at a friend's house. I can fit clothes and shoes in this bag, I love it.

In my bag for a fashion event, I usually carry a notebook for notes or to jot down quotes I like or see while outside, or if I have a post idea I will write it down in my notebook. The typical essentials which I stated in my "Everyday Bag" section. 

I'm the type of girl that carries the essentials and "just in case" essentials, it really depends what I am doing for the day. For example, the weekdays when I am taking the kids to school, I use my everyday bag, the mini black satchel. During the day I'll go out to do errands or go to the coffee shop to work on my blog and will carry my Tote. Then during the evenings when I have date night with hubby or I am attending an event, I like to bring out my luxury designer bag, usually the Louis Vuitton speedy bag. I like to rotate my bags since I have quite a few, it depends on my outfit and my mood which one I use.

Today's post is also to introduce to you Rue La La's Handbag 101 Style Guide to help you find out which bag suits your style, how to care for bags, how to define the bags, and designer bags. You can even shop for great finds too. Take a look at the blog and enjoy!

Thank you for reading!

Fashionbly Yours,

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