Surprise 30th Birthday Dinner Party.


Hi Fashionista's,

Happy Thanksgiving! I know I am very thankful for so many things in my life. If you haven't known Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday since it means the most to me. I'm always happy to be surrounded by my family and enjoy the delicious food and the company sharing laughter and memories. I have a huge family and it's always nice to catch up with everyone. I am also so blessed and thankful to have another year this Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday.

Today I wanted to share a re-cap of my 30th birthday celebration since I haven't shared what went down. I had no idea at first what my husband and bestie were planning for me though I wanted my close family with me on my day. On Saturday, November 22 I woke up very early to get ready to meet with a make up artist to glam me up for my day. It took 5 hours for my hair, nails and make up to be done and let me tell you, it felt so nice and relaxing to just get all pampered. I haven't done something like this in a long time. It was an amazing treat and I got great tips for contouring and found out great make up products to try out for the future. I also wore fake lashes for the first time EVER! I thought it would bother me since I wear glasses 24/7 but it was just fine. It made me feel extra glamorous since they were nice and long. I put together a video on my Youtube channel to share with you how my birthday went. It was a surprise dinner at a nice restaurant in Times Square in Manhattan. I hope you enjoy it and let me tell you I was so emotional and so happy because I've never had a surprise party. My husband is also horrible with keeping surprises so I give him major points for pulling this off until my actual birthday. I loved it!

My hair, make up and nails were done by Laurie from PRIV

My outfit for my birthday was something I put together last minute since I originally was working on a dress, which I obviously didn't finish on time but I will share it in another blog post. I loved my outfit since I got this super cute and chic top from H&M, the story behind this was that I originally thought it was $34.95 because that's what the price tag said on the shirt. When I went to the cashier to pay for it it came up on sale for $15, and then they had a promotion of 50% off on sale items, then it came up to $7.99! I was beyond excited because I didn't mind to pay $34.95 at first but a good sale like this, definitely cannot pass that up! This is why I love shopping at H&M always great finds, quality and prices! I went for an all black chic and fun look with a pop of burgundy booties which are from Charlotte Russe. I love my shoes from Charlotte Russe online because they always carry my size and have unique, affordable shoes. They never let me down and have great promotions too. I also finally bought a faux leather skirt which I've been wanting for the longest but couldn't find the right one. This one I am wearing is also from H&M too.

Top: H&M // similar here or here, here
Skirt: H&M // similar here alternative here
Shoes: Charlotte Russe // similar here alternative here or here, here loving these here
Earrings: Forever 21 (old)

Thank you for reading!

Fashionably Yours,

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