Beauty Review: Evian Natural Mineral Water Brumisateur Facial Spray


Hi Fashionistas, 

Today I will be sharing a beauty product that I've been using for the past week with my beauty routine. The Evian Brumisateur (Brew-meez-ah-tour) Facial Spray, I've been hearing about this product and always thought of Evian as just drinking water but they also made a misting spray to use on your face.

The facial spray has been around since 1962 and originally came from France. It was requested by doctors to be used on burn patients. The spray was then brought to the United States in 1978.
The Evian facial spray contains a pure soft, natural mineral water with a unique balance, and a natural 7.2pH. The properties in the spray is good for any skin types.

 I typically don't wear a lot of make up on my face like foundation, unless I have a party or evening event where I want my face to look extra glam. I do use a lot of moisturizer or concealer around my eyes especially. The moisturizer helps my face feel soft and un-dry throughout the day. During the winter time, my skin gets dry especially around my eye lids so when I wear eye shadow, I use a eye primer that keeps my lids moisturized and keeps the shadow bold and lasting.

When I started to use the Evian facial spray, it felt refreshing since I would use it in the morning. I would just apply my usual make up products, such as blush, illuminator, highlight, eyeliner, mascara, shadow and lip moisturizer. After my face was all made up, I would spray the facial spray and let it air dry it self. It dries very quickly and the after affects just kept my face feeling refreshed and super soft.

How I usually have my make up done, very simple and natural with the Evian facial spray after.

The Evian Facial Spray is available in various sizes. 
The travel size which is 50mL retails for $7.00
but some retails do not sell it individually and usually have a travel pack in 3 which retails for $19.50
The 150 mL retails for $12.00 good for gym bag or totes.
The 300 mL retails for $17.50 good for professionals/economy.

You can find this product in Nordstrom or Sephora and some luxury and hotels such as Four Seasons carry them.

Thank you for reading and check out my video on how I use the facial spray.

Thank you for reading!

Fashionably Yours,

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