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Last weekend I attended a local artist festival in South Street Seaport, it was called "Out to See." It showcased local businesses, artists and chefs that handmade their work. They even had live music bands performing and free ice skating! I was too cold to go skating so I didn't try it out. The Young Designers collective were one of the vendors at the festival, and invited me to preview there Untamed bridal  collection. I've been a fan of their work since they're talented women who really pay attention to detail in their work. Check out my other blog post on the Notion's collection. I interviewed Harmony, who is one of the designers and was at the "Out to See" festival. 

What is your collection about and it's inspiration?
"Untamed" are bridal accessories for evening wear. The collection was inspired from wildlife and nature.

What kind of materials were used?
Metal wire, Swarvoski crystals, resin pearls and real horse hair.

What is your favorite piece in the "Untamed" collection?
The fox comb in silver.

Where and who do you see wearing your collection?
Someone who respects nature. A classic beautiful style with edge. The collection was designed for any woman but lately we've been getting orders from women who've been having traditional weddings. The age range from 25-35 years old.

Why did you name your collection "Untamed?"
We wanted the name Untamed because it's sexy and seductive, thats what we wanted our jewelry to represent.

Do you make custom orders?
 Yes, custom orders are available and we even design pieces for the mother of the bride. The beads can be any color to match the color scheme of your wedding.

This piece was my favorite, I like the bunny and beads which look like a leaf. 

Check out Untamed Bridal's website where you can also see more of their work and order handmade pieces.

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