New York Fashion Week 2015: Jordan Louis Fall/Winter 2015 Collection


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New York Fashion Week has ended and I just wanted to share another designer collection I attended for My Life On and Off The Guest List's blog by Glasgow Skinner. (More pictures and details on that blog). I contribute to her blog and get the opportunity to attend fashion shows which is exciting for me, because I get a lot of my inspirations from the designers, from the details, colors and fabric choices, not only that, I also get an idea of what's going to be in trend for the upcoming seasons.

The Jordan Louis collection was inspired from the song, Genrique by Miles Davis. Her collection were sultry, smooth and relaxing mix of pieces. I really felt that vibe with the setting, and looking at the clothes. The pieces that really explained her inspiration of "sultry, smooth and relaxing," was an all black look, called the Daisy lounge top, and the Quinn lounge pant, the material used was smooth ribbed and viscose. Then the top had a separate piece overlay, called the Tiffany blouse which was a dainty scallop lace material. That outfit looked really comfortable, I liked the lace part too, so it was a nice touch to a more relaxed look to spruce it up for a sultry look as well.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Russino

The Designer: Kimberly Bowser-Sherer, she is also wearing her own design The Moxie Dress.

My favorite's out of the Jordan Louis collection was the colorful sherbet floral prints and especially the boucle jacket. I need that in my closet! The details were impeccable on each piece, I admire that in clothes since they make the clothing more unique and fun to wear. The choices of fabrics too all make the collection cohesive and I seriously want to wear every piece. How fun is the prints and colors together?

The colors, prints and details are mainly reasons why I love fashion, because you can create and make beautiful things beyond your mind. It all comes out with a story that only yourself can understand and try to make the viewers understand too. Their's never a wrong or right answer when it comes to designing clothes, in my opinion. I don't like limits to designing but I believe to make it wearable and fun for any fashionista!

Check out more of Jordan Louis' Collection:

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