Pocket Letter Pals and Ideas for Pockets.


Today's post is something different since I've been slacking on my fashion outfits lately. Sorry, but New York's weather has been super cold, where I've just been hibernating in my warm cozy home. I've also have been picking up on a new hobby since I've always been a stationary, pens, sticker and planner collector. I've been noticing it on Instagram and on Youtube lately, that it's been getting really popular, so of course I had to jump on the bandwagon and share my hobby obsessions too. I've been sharing my hauls and collections on my Instagram so if you don't follow me already, go check it out!

I also started accumulating pen pals since I've been envying the warmer weather on the West Coast. I have a few pen pals from California and wish I was there right now! I really had enough of the cold weather. I also used to have a few pen pals when I was younger, I always liked handwriting letters and learning about someone and their culture in another part of the world. It's a nice way to communicate with someone and I've always liked getting mail too. Anyway, I picked up on this great creation by Janette Lane called Pocket Letter Pals. Basically, this is a whole new way to exchange letters to your pen pals which is really creative and fun to make. Your using baseball card clear inserts which have 9 pockets, each pocket can be decorated to your heart's desire. I've been doing New York theme and favorite color themes. It's really all up in the air with how you decorate it. What makes it different is that you can add stickers, paper clips, small things to exchange with your pen pal. It makes an ordinary handwritten letter more exciting! To me, it's a great idea to share something about you, and to give a part of your stationary goodies or stash to someone else who can also have use of it too. Sharing is caring right?

Here are two samples of my Pocket Letter's for my pen pal.
The top one is New York theme, I printed out some pictures from Pinterest and even added a metro card which is used for the New York Subway. It adds a nice and unique touch to the letter since I'm giving you a "ride" around New York through my pockets. I also shared my favorite spots around manhattan. On the back I just listed a few of my favorites and added stickers.
The bottom picture is a color theme and I put a little bit of a "New Yorker" pictures. I also drew stickers and added some quotes.

I've been accumulating on pocket letters from my pals and really need to send out my pocket letters ASAP. I've been taking my time on them since I like to play around with my paper stash, and also I make them all different. I also make them double-sided, where I  decorate the front and add small goodies on the back, because I want my pen pal to be extra happy! 
Check out my Youtube video, I am sharing some of my pocket letter ideas.

P.S. Don't forget to check out my Instagram @SewStylishRhea, I've reached 1k followers and I'm hosting a mini giveaway since I am so thankful for you! All the likes and comments from you makes me smile! Sharing my creativity and style with you brings me joy! I am also super excited to reach this milestone! It took quite a while to reach 1k and I finally made it! Yay! Happy dance!

The Giveaway:
Target One Spot goodies, 1 page flags, 1 note cards, 1 pack of pens, 1 pack of sticky notes & 1 List pad.

I am a huge fan of the target one spot and every time they come out with new amazing stationary designs, I just have to grab them! I also wanted to grab some for my readers too ,since I know some of these supplies are hard to find and get. They're also just $1 so you know these items sell out fast. I would LOVE to one day design prints or patterns for Target's one spot stationary supplies. I would go crazy doing a purple and leopard print theme. (Just a dream in my head hehehe).

Thank you for reading!

Yours Truly,

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