Summer Style: The Denim Dress


Dress: Luna Lavender Dreams by Rhea // Bag: Louis Vuitton "Favorite" MM  // Sandals: Forever 21 // Necklace: Anne Taylor // Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Anoushka" // Bracelet "Return to Tiffany, heart tag" & ring "Open Heart Ring by Elsa Peretti": Tiffany & Co. // Watch: Citizen "pink bracelet watch" // Wedding ring and band: The Leo Diamond Collection

Happy Friday!

Today's look is a dress I made myself. It's everything I am loving in trends right now, off the shoulder,s denim and it's a dress. During the summer time I love wearing dresses, wether it be for any occasion, casual or dressy, I am always finding myself in a dress. I chose this denim fabric I've had for quite sometime now, and I also noticed in my closet that I don't have any denim dresses. This was a perfect time to finally make one and, it was super easy to do since I didn't use any patterns. I just basically cut strips of fabric, to my measurements and added elastic. I adore this dress and know it will be on rotation in my wardrobe this summer. I really like the off the shoulder, or bare shoulder trend which is a huge hit this summer. I had to make this dress in that style and felt flirty and girly without being too provocative! 

I wore this dress to a Greek Festival that was happening a few weekends ago in Hillcrest. My husband and I love greek food and the culture that we had to attend this festival. Back in New York they always have a greek festival which we like to attend to because of the food! I enjoy Greek food and I've shown you in some pics some of the yummy grub I was munching on. I really like gyro's especially the pork and tzatziki  sauce, which is so refreshing. I also tried saganaki, which is fried cheese on a flatbread. They also flambé it in the pan. It was delicious and I love cheese so this was a true winner in my tummy! 

Yummy Greek pastries! I wanted it all.

The best part too at the festival was the bakery treats they had. I got diples which is fried dough smothered in powder sugar and honey, It's my favorite! baklava and other pastries my husband and daughter picked which was so yummy and sweet. The baklava was so good, I wish I bought more!  I love the Greek culture and hope to one day visit Greece since it's such a beautiful place! I also look forward to the beautiful scenery and authentic food. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend.
Thank you for reading.

Fashionably Your's,

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