"It was the summertime 
when we fell in love, it was the summertime
heaven shined on us, it was the summertime
baby there is nothing like the summertime
summertime" -Beyonce 

This song is currently playing as I share with you today my #BeachDayMusts with +Adore Me 
The summertime is the best time to head to the beach and just be a beach bum. Though I am currently living in California and the weather here is always beach day weather. I actually have more time in the summertime to be at the beach. When I think of summer and the beach, I think of being lazy, running wild and free on the soft sand, collecting sea shells, dipping my feet in the ocean, wandering on the boardwalk and eating awesome street food! Of course, I also have to look super cute in a fun bathing suit and colorful accessories!

I always want to prepared and make sure I have the right essentials with me at the beach. The most important of all for me is sunscreen since I take extra care of my skin. As I get older my skin changes, and you have to really take care of it. I really don't like tanning, since I already have tanned skin, so I am always wearing sunscreen to protect it from wrinkles and discoloration. I also make sure I have a hat, sunglasses or a beach umbrella. Check out my list below on my other #BeachDayMusts. 

The essentials for a beach day:
Beach blanket
 Sun Umbrella
 Sun Screen
 Face moisturizer
 Hair spray
 Lip moisturizers
 Sun hat
 Head phones and iPod/iphone for music
 Bathing Suit
 A good book

I also picked 3 of my top favorite swimsuits from +Adore Me they have great picks and sizes from XS to plus sizes too. So they have everything for every woman's shape and form. I really adore these picks I chose. I would definitely wear these during the summertime!

I hope everyone enjoys their summer and don't forget to protect your skin but most importantly have fun! I'm ready to throw a frisbee or beach volleyball now! See you at the beach!

Fashionably Your's,

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