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Today's look is all about this romper by Taylor & Sage, this brand has been my favorite lately since it's aesthetic has a carefree-boho-spirit, which is my style. I've also always loved rompers especially during the summer time. I usually go for a romper that has a lot of details since the plain-jane one's makes me look like a little girl. This romper actually looked like a mini dress on the hanger but when I tried it on, it was a romper so I was like score! I really like the drapery of the shorts part too. It's full and flowy and gives it an illusion of being a skirt, when really its shorts.

 I wore this outfit on a Sunday late afternoon, and met up with another fellow blogger babe in North Park. This area is very hip, laid back with a lot of good restaurant eats, a favorite of me and my husband's is called Urban Solace. Though we only ate here once, we absolutely loved the vibe and the food that this will be our go-to date night spot. We absolutely loved their mussels in a delicious sauce with toasted bread. I am actually craving that right now! Now back to fashion, so in North Park they also have a lot of local shops and boutiques. I went into this store called Pigment, this store is literally how I want my house to look like. The vibe, cool edgy stuff they have in here is just so cool. They have everything for everybody for gifts, kids, big-kids at heart, decor, kitchen accessories, candy, jewelry, trinkets and cool mugs. I had to pick up a few things from this store for decor. I bought this mug, and two ceramic cups since my daughter and I love to have tea time. The mug was a perfect find for me since I always tell my kids these words. My son loves it when I say that to him and when I showed him this mug, he was like "Wow! the moon is on the mug!" Five year olds have the wildest imaginations, and it's so much fun to hear him think of these kind of things. I also picked up this pineapple dish since it was just super-duper cute and fun. I probably will use this for decor for my desk to place my jewelry or miscellaneous trinkets. 

Beautiful ferns and plants decorated right outside the store, Pigment.

I love to romp-it-out when I feel like I have nothing to wear in my closet. A unique romper that you can pull off as a dress, like this one is absolute fashion-worthy! I think navy blue tones will be my go-to color for this month since that's what I've been seeing a lot in my closet. I really like the fabric and color of this romper, super comfy and laid-back. I paired my romper with my favorite go-to sandals I have been wearing on rotation for the summer. It's the perfect sandals to match with this romper since it has floral embroidery too. I used to always where floral prints since it's also my favorite print but as Miranda Priestly would say from The Devil Wear's Prada, "Floral? For spring? Groundbreaking." (One of the best quotes from this movie) So I try to tone it down with the florals prints since it's been a repeat in my looks a lot. I think I have been doing well with having a pop of floral here and there. I also finally got a new hat that's been my new favorite accessory too. I love hats especially this kind of hat, fedora-like with a ribbon and a bow. I like the brim being big enough to cover my face from the sun. I love the sun don't get me wrong but I also love protecting my skin.

I need this swinging chair in my living room. #livingroomdecorgoals

Romper: Taylor & Sage // Sandals: Forever 21 Hat: Karen Kane  My picks at the bottom of the blog post. // Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. // Wedding Ring and Band: Leo Diamonds // Heart ring: Gift from husband // Eye Glasses: Roberto Cavalli- prescribed since I am blind as a bat hehehe

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