New Outlook: A New Approach on My Fashion Blog


Hello Fashion Lovers!

If you've been coming to Sew Stylish Rhea's blog to see the latest styles or posts, I am sorry for not being here. I am turning my blog around majorly!
I haven't been posting for October since I've been thinking long, and hard about the fashion brands I've been wearing lately in my life. I've been also noticing a lot that I do not feel true to myself with certain clothing I've been wearing. I am taking a different approach with my blog and my lifestyle. I still will be sharing fashion related topics like my style but I am cleansing my closet and will be sewing A LOT more, which will be shared here on my blog. It will take some time to re-do my blog but I will not stop my blog. 

I've been questioning a lot about the shirts or dresses I wear, about where its made and what its made of. I've also been concerned about the quality, rather than the affordability. I loved bargain fashion clothing, but I am really OVER the same trends reoccurring. I guess because I am in my 30's now, a wife and mom where my beliefs have changed. I love fashion but I want something different from everyone else. I don't like following the trends anymore, I don't like stepping into a store where a teenager and I pick up the same garment (thats really embarrassing!) I am also overwhelmed walking into a store and looking for something different and unique. Their's just so much clothes everywhere when I walk into a store that I am really fed up!

I am actually over certain brands and disappointed with the way the clothing is made. I choose to no longer support and wear certain brands. I've been doing a lot of research about "fast fashion." I really care about our environment and want to set the right example for my kids when it comes to shopping and appreciating our environment. If you haven't heard of "Fast Fashion," you must educate yourself and be aware of it. I am not going to go into it here about "fast fashion," but as my upcoming posts appear, you will surely see the brands I no longer wear or support. It's been a struggle so far, since majority of my clothing have been a part of "fast fashion" brands and I am sick to my stomach that I've wasted my money and have supported it for this long. It's also not easy when I dress up since I did a major clean out in my closet. My husband is pretty shocked with this new approach I am making with my clothes. I know I want to better myself mentally. I know clothes are just things but it also has meaning behind them. Do you ever think about where it was made? How it was made? Have you looked at the seams or the way it is made? The process of making clothes is NOT easy, it is also an essential for us humans since we do not walk around naked. I believe wearing something with quality will last longer and also save money. I would rather pay more for a shirt that will last longer than a cheap shirt. I know this is not everyone's concern but I want to be the person to make you aware of the way you shop or pick your clothes. 

The current clothes that I have is from fast fashion brands. I am donating and selling the clothes I no longer wear. I am also taking some of them, and re-constructing them to my own style for a unique twist. I will share the outcomes in my future posts. I will also find ways to re-use my clothes for the greater good. For now I just want to clear the air that I've been feeling like a different person in a good way, that I want to stay true to my blog as well. 
Thank you for reading and hope you stay.

Fashionably yours,

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