Coachella Vibes: Moon Child


Be Kind. Be Brave. Be Curious.

It's been way too long! I know I've been M.I.A from my blog but I promise you I've been away for good reasons! I am still figuring out if Sew Stylish Rhea will be as active as before since I have started another project. I've been making things a lot more, where I am focusing on Luna Lavender Dreams. I am thinking of making Luna Lavender Dreams a blog too since I will be sharing my crochet tops and how to style them. It's still all up in the air but right now most of my energy is on Luna Lavender Dreams. Follow my Instagram and my journey there. (@LunaLavenderDreams)

I've been working hard on my crochet tops, and want so many things to happen for Luna Lavender Dreams. I won't get into it right now since this post is about a look for Coachella. Though I will not be attending this year but hopefully in the future, (along with Luna Lavender Dreams) I wanted to share my Coachella Vibes since the weather here in San Diego has been truly amazing and always sunny! The sun has been out and about lately, it's also April season so that means Coachella is on its way! I've been loving the California lifestyle out here, that I think I was meant to be out here. I cannot see myself living anywhere else but here. My look is bohemian inspired and sexy style. The crochet top I made myself. I did a halter top with a lace up backing (which is not shown) I added pom pom trimming along the chest line since I wanted to make the top more adventurous.  My whole look is really out of my norm since I've been shy to show my naval area, ever since I had 2 kids because of my stretch marks. They were really bad when my kids were still toddlers since I let go of not taking care of myself during that time period. As my kids got into grade school, I started to also focus on myself again by taking care of myself too. I've accepted that my stomach won't look like my teenage self again, p.s. I used to have a belly ring and I REALLY regret getting it since after having my kids, it made my belly button look very different that I'm scared of it when I look into a mirror. Anyways, back to the crochet top, which I named it "Moon Child. I paired it with these beige lace shorts I bought years ago at a boutique in New York City. I love how black and beige go together too.

I love this look because of the details, then the florals from my sash, and embroidery on my sandals. I called this top "Moon Child," because this was one of my very first tops I crocheted. It's like a baby to me and the color represents the night when the moon is out. I love the night time since that's when all my creative juices kicks in, I get so many ideas and inspiration at night. I don't know why but I feel more adventurous and curious at night. The Moon Child, is kind, brave and curious!

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